Welcome to His Treasure House, we are glad you are here!

His Treasure House is the place where God makes us who He originally created us to be through the revelation of His word and the power of the Spirit. We believe that everyone was deliberately created by God to fulfill an assignment or purpose that brings succor to others while here on earth.

We are here to help you build a relationship with Jesus, discover the treasure within, become who God wants you to be and make a significant difference in your sphere of influence!

No matter who you are, there is a place for you in His Treasure House, Welcome home, this is where you belong.

On Sunday February 28, 2010, God reiterated what He told us 10 years earlier “To raise men and women who through their divine purpose and treasures deposited in them will accomplish His original plan for them on earth through the revelation of His Word and the power of the Spirit.” This revelation led to the birth of His Treasure House International Ministries on October 24, 2010.

The Purpose of this team is to welcome you into our church family and make you feel at home by caring for your spiritual and social needs. The keyword for this team is CARE. Under this team we have:

  • Treasure Dudes & Damsels (Singles’ Ministry)
  • Benevolence/ Welfare
  • Women of Grace (women ministry)
  • Junior Church
  • Teens’ Church
  • Hospitality

This team has the task of building up and grooming members to become more like Christ in their daily lives. The keywords for this team are GROWTH and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. The following  units are under Maturity Team

  • Prayer Unit
  • Bible study Unit
  • Communion Department
  • Information Unit
  • Resource & Books Unit
  • Counselling Unit

The aim of the ministry team is centred on helping matured members of the church to discover the place where they can best develop and deploy their spiritual and ministry gifts for the benefit of mankind. The keyword here is SERVICE to God and our fellow humans.

Under this Team are

  • Ushering
  • Protocol/ Traffic Control
  • Decoration
  • Sound/ Technical
  • Transport
  • The Ezra Company
  • Greeters
  • Multimedia

The mission’s team is charged with the duty to equip and empower saved souls to share the good news with others, in the process, lead them to be part of our church family. Our keyword here is EVANGELISM. The following are under this team:

  • Publicity
  • Publication
  • Campus Outreach
  • Digital Media
  • Kounter Kulture (Drama)
  • Treasure Steps (Dance)
  • Treasure Shooters

The worship team has the unique task of leading the church family into the presence of our Lord with inspiring songs and hymns that gives glory to God. The keywords are PRAISE & HONOUR to our God.

  • Treasures In Clay (Choir)
  • Worship Team
  • Relevance (Instrumentalists)

At TLBA, we believe everyone is designed by God with the purpose of greatness in mind and leadership is the secret to attaining this greatness.

Our training programme is tailored to inspire and provoke an individual to intentional and radical transformation that will cause a positive mental shift through timeless principles based on God’s Word.

Its practicality and informal atmosphere ensures one’s productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace, home, business, organization and society at large.

We believe that every human being is uniquely created by God with special abilities and gifting to fulfil a purpose. Hence, at the academy, we empower people to discover, explore and maximize their God given gifts and talents in order to serve God and humanity.

His Treasure Academy is our in-house Leadership School where we share our Vision, Mission and all that we stand for and represent. The school has four (4) levels and each level focuses on different growth areas of the Church.

The school runs from 5 weeks for each level; 100 to 400 level.

The levels consist of:

100 Level – Membership School

200 Level – Maturity School

300 Level – Ministry School

400 Level – Missions School

At the Membership School (100 Level) you are taught the basic foundational requirements to maintain a vibrant relationship with God

The Maturity School (200 Level) seeks to teach and instruct the believer in the Basic doctrines of the Kingdom such as the Trinity, Spiritual warfare, Giving etc,  thereby growing them in matured disciples of Christ.

At the Ministry School (300 Level) you are taught how to recognize your area of giftedness and how you can take advantage of it to serve God and others within the church and in your daily endeavours. In this level, students take a Personality Test & Ministry Analysis Test in order to know where they can serve the best.

The Missions School (400 Level) focuses on missions and evangelism. Students are taught different forms of evangelism and they are given the opportunity to practice what they are learning. At this level, students are expected to go on an outreach to a Prison or Hospital to minister.

Are you ready to become who God wants you to be? You are in the right place. We are keeping a seat for you as we look forward to meeting you one-on- one any day, anytime. Plan your visit today.

We love you.

Godwin and Seun Uwuba’men.
Senior Pastors.