• Discovering your Assignment by Pastor Godwin Uwuba'Men.jpg

    DYA 1

    This great book will help you in your quest of knowing the purpose in life if you will only follow its powerful principles. Moreover, if you are confused about life and feel discouraged about moving on in life; then, this book is a must read for you.
  • Discovering your Assignment II by Pastor Godwin Uwuba'Men.jpg

    DYA 2

    Having been simply and clearly written with how to discover your purpose and experience greatness. Therefore, reading it will guarantee you tremendous success in life. Furthermore, the most important thing in life is the discovery of purpose. Good success springs from achieving God’s purpose for your life.
  • The P11 Code by Pastor Godwin Uwuba'Men.jpg

    The P1:1 CODE

    This book deals with the issues of productivity; the Divine Perspective on productivity, 10 Fundamental Principles of Productivity, how to make your life count (Making it count), how to give your idea a body, the three 10s you must know.