His Treasure House Year 2020 Confession

In January as I carry out THE MANDATE
My Path is clear,
God’s light illuminates my way.
I receive clear and precise insight
Into the mind of God for the new decade
My eyes of understanding are enlightened
I operate in divine wisdom
I am equipped for the work ahead
In the name of Jesus Christ

Dear February, I enjoy Divine Favour
As I walk with the mandate
I enjoy the love of God in unique ways.
I experience random acts of kindness
Divine favor follows me everywhere I go
Doors of opportunities are opened to me with ease
My bans are full and overflowing with blessings

Beloved March, I welcome you with joy
I decree that I am victorious
I rule in the midst of my enemies
Life’s circumstances bow to me as I win
Souls for the Lord in line with THE MANDATE.
Since the Lord God is my refuge and shelter
I will overcome every obstacle in Jesus name.

April, hear the word of the Lord,
Bring to me all that is mine
In line with GOD’S MANDATE for souls.
I receive supernatural restoration of
All I have lost in the past
I call forth full restoration of all lost
Opportunities, jobs, wealth, health,
Relationships and possessions in
The name of the Lord Jesus Christ

In May, I receive a supernatural speed
I am strengthened by the Holy Ghost
To accomplish all my dreams and vision
I am empowered to birth solutions
That will solve the global problem
This month my relevance increases,
With THE MANDATE I attract kings
And men of influence into my space
By the power of God.

In June, I speak against altars
I speak against thrones and
I speak against satanic gates
Militating against my progress.
I declare them impotent as I execute THE MANDATE
I decree that every evil plan of the enemy
Works for my good in the mighty name of Jesus

Hear me July, as I carry out THE MANDATE
I flourish like a tree, that is
Planted by the riverside.
I am bearing fruits in all I do
I enjoy supernatural provision roundabout.
The Lord anoints my head for an increase
My cup runs over for all to see.
I flourish in all my endeavors in Jesus Name.

In August I step into a season
Of new beginnings with God’s Mandate
Of souls
I enjoy effortless success in my workplace
Men and women go out of their ways
To help and favor me
I declare that this will be my month
Of consistent rain of blessings
In Jesus Christ name.

September!! Fruitful shall you be.
I declare that I am fruitful in the
Knowledge of God’s will for me
I exude the fruit of the Spirit
I give liberally to THE MANDATE
And to the needs of others
My words, my actions, my conduct
And excellent life attracts men to God’s kingdom

October, hear the word of the Lord,
I enjoy wholeness in my body
I live in divine healing and health
To carry out THE MANDATE
Sickness, diseases, bacteria, and viruses
Have no power over my body
I carry in my body God’s healing virtue
In Jesus name

In November thanksgiving
Overflows in my heart
Because THE MANDATE is being fulfilled.
My mouth is filled with laughter and
Praise, because of the bountiful blessings
Of the Lord over me and my family
I am overwhelmed with goodness and favor.
I am clothed in grace and glory.

December my month of crowning glory
2020 is crowned with goodness
My path drips with the abundance
I walk upon my high places because He
Has made my feet like hinds’ feet
My blessings are obvious for all to see in
Line with God’s mandate for souls.
So as I step into the New Year
And into the next decade

I decree, in the year 2020. I AM EQUIPPED FOR GODS MANDATE FOR SOULS.

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His Treasure House Year 2020 Confession