M-500 is the Medical Missions Outreach of His Treasure House. We assemble and mobilize teams of medical professionals backed by non-medical volunteers to share the love of Christ using the tool of medicine.

M-500 partners with Bible-believing churches around the continent to evangelize to the lost. Each patient that comes through our clinics will hear the beautiful message of the gospel, presented in their own language. Our precious patients are offered the spiritual support they need for themselves and their families through a door that was opened when someone cared enough to treat their pain.

““Using the unique platform of medicine, we are able to draw hundreds of people to a place where we attempt to meet their physical needs, while praying for opportunities to minister to their spiritual needs as well. To ensure the sustainability of these efforts, all of our clinics operate in conjunction with a local church. Our focus is to not only introduce hurting people to the Saviour, but also provide them a connection to a church where they can find loving, compassionate encouragement for the challenge they will face in years to come.”

Pastor Godwin Uwuba'men”

Pastor Godwin Uwuba'menLead Pastor