About Teen's Church

We take delight in welcoming every teen into our midst, every Sunday.

The Teens Church is designed to reach out to teenagers with the liberating message of productivity to build them up for a glorious future. It is common knowledge that there is widespread decadence within the teenagers of our land.

However, contrary to that moral erosion, God is set to raise men and women of honour and glory from amongst them. It is with this at heart that our teen’s church tirelessly pursues the liberation mandate as it concerns the teenagers in the language that they understand and relate to, losing them from decadence and setting them up for a destiny of glory.

Therefore, all teenagers are welcome to partake in this colourful ministry to deliver a glorious destiny.

The Teens Church has various Programs designed to nurture, inspire, empower, and holistically grow young adults through the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are some of our transformational and engaging programs that are packaged for the needs of the teens