About His Treasure House Academy

Our membership school gives a basic introduction to our church family and it is designed to explain who we are and what our church is all about . You will learn how to be integrated into God’s family in HTH. You will also be given the opportunity to join the fastest growing family in the city of Abuja dedicated to making you what God originally creaated you for.


Experience spiritual growth and upliftment like never before at His Treasure House Academy.
Register for the next class by filling the registration form online. Click the button below to register and for more information please call +234 703 760 2192


Discover Your God

Coordinating Team – Membership
Purpose – Helps you to know God
Courses Offered – DYG 101 – 110

Discover Your Spirit

Coordinating Team – Maturity
Purpose – Helps you to know your Godly spiritual essence
Courses Offered – DYS 201 – 210

Discover Your Purpose

Coordinating Team – Ministry
Purpose – Helps you to know why God sent you to earth
Courses Offered – DYP 301 – 306

Discover Other People

Coordinating Team – Missions
Purpose – Helps you to introduce others God
Courses Offered – DOP 401 – 405
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