In an effort to help families living in poverty that are turning to payday loans, His Treasure House came up with this scheme called Discovery Den which was created to provide solutions to borrowers to start up business.

The goal is to not only ensure borrowers are treated fairly, but to also offer lower cost alternatives to those that needs this credit facility.

There are several ways we offer assistance, including the following:.

  • Offering our own forms of low interest rate loans to use for setting up a new business or expanding an existing one.
  • Partnerships have been formed with credit unions, counseling agencies, and other organizations.
  • We try to get the working poor and indigent into the mainstream financial world by helping them open bank accounts, build credit, and complete other tasks.
  • Many other options are offered too, and find alternatives to payday lenders.

We also partner with individuals as well as local lenders to provide low cost loans to families. Even if the potential borrower has either poor credit scores or not even a savings account to their name, the goal is still to provide them some form of affordable loan that has terms in place that is based on their ability to repay it. If a lender knows that the person will never repay the funds based on their current household income and expenses, then we do not provide them the money they are requesting for.