It was a Saturday morning and, as usual, most people carry out sanitation. As I cleaned through my apartment, I stumbled upon my 2021 goals that I had written. I still remember that day, how Pastor Godwin instructed us to be specific in writing our goals. “. I remember vividly, how I wanted an apartment so badly that it was the first thing I penned down [laughs].
Every night, I would wake up to pray and trust God for the apartment, I would sing praises and make prophetic declarations to God concerning these requests sometimes, with tears. But something in me gave me hope, I believe it was the Holy Spirit giving me inner witness, peace and confidence that those declarations would become a reality. That there would be a manifestation of my goals.

I wasn’t always a ‘prayer person’ but something about this year felt promising and pastor’s message was so strong during the Cross-Over Service so, I kept the fire burning within me.
Fast forward to the present, I now live in my own house and on top of that, I am getting married in 2 months! I can only wonder why I was so anxious about these things in the past. Truly, the declarations I made, coupled with an unwavering faith has made me realise that God truly listens, He sees it all, He hears our plea, our cry and He is the greatest assurance any human should bank on.

I tried to fight back tears as I flipped through the pages of the book, where I wrote down the goals and all I could say was “God has done me well”.
When in doubt, Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”, should be your guiding light. It worked for me and I believe that I can also work wonders for you too.
What goals have you written this year? What strategies have you laid down for their actualization? Engage the Holy Spirit today and He will bring about your MANIFESTATION! His mercy will not leave you comfortless, His love is too enormous to fail.

The glory of God is available to you. In fact, it is right inside you So, you have no business becoming small!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting story 👍

  • Denis says:

    What an awesome write up!

  • Stilltolu says:

    His love never fails.

  • Olatunde Mary says:

    Thank you faithful father

  • Sam says:

    The story always feel far off until you sit down and take stock of your own life. 2020/+2021 was roller coaster for me. It was like my whole world came crashing amidst betrayals, pain, loss the trauma name it , but some how I just had that small strength to still hang on and then God began to speak or rather I should say I began to hear God clearly as without ambiguity and then I realised that God is by far closer than we know and is far more willing to help than we know. Then it gets better the Holy Spirit started giving tunes to the words in my heart and sure He gave me some wonderful words and tunes… wow this is getting too long sorry but you know what get grounded in the word for in the day of adversity it will be your stability

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