Discover Your Assignment II


The way to unleash your potentials is to find a human need, find out what you love doing in life in line with your talent. Readers are guided through self–evaluations of success, their beliefs, and their passions
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‘Discovering Your Assignment II’ by Godwin Uwubamen is a great eye-opener into the story of the Prophet and the poor widow in 2nd Kings in the Bible as it illustrates our assignment on earth, how to discover it and start doing it.
According to the writer, we all have an asset, our asset is not our money, properties, etc., but our value is our asset. If you don’t have value you can’t have money (true money).
All that we need in life to succeed has been given to us already by God, all we need to do is to check inside of us.
The writer concluded by letting us know exactly what to do to stand out in the crowd. This book is indeed a must-read by all.


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