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What is fear? It is the feeling that anticipates pain in the future. It’s an emotion that every human being feels. You’ve not paid your house rent, and there is that fear when a vehicle passes that it could be your Landlord. Fear can be bad, but it’s not always bad.

If we don’t feel fear, some of us may die, because it sends you a signal that there may be a danger. In itself, and totally, fear is not bad. Imagine if you don’t feel pain. A woman is cooking and there is no pain from hot water pouring on your hand, you could burn the hand totally and not know.

But here is the thing, fear has an adverse effect on our health and productivity.

For some, the fear of failure has stalled their progress in life. For some, the fear of rejection has kept them from approaching a lady. You know you are ripe for a job, but for fear of rejection, you don’t apply. I learned of someone who rejected a job offer because the company was on the 10th floor.

This is where fear is bad. When fear takes root, it becomes a phobia. Fear is learned, and when it’s internalized it becomes a phobia. People who are Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) learned it.

That’s a phobia. Fear is instigated by an external force, while a phobia is internal.

Another consequence of fear is fatigue. You’re too tired and say “I can’t kill myself”, but you’re on the same spot.

Something happened to you when you were young, and you’ve used it to define your whole life.


1. Learn to live in God’s security. You’re not your own; you were born with a price. Do not define yourself by the economy of Nigeria, it’s an insult to GRACE.

2. Trust God’s hidden ability in you. Phill. 4:13.

In raising your children, you must understand that it’s God at work in you. In buying that house, you must understand that it is God at work in you.

3. Confront your greatest fear. 1 Samuel 17:45. God will not confront your giant for you. Speak to your mountain, don’t complain about it. You are afraid that a relation of yours will die, speak life unto him or her

4. Accept that you are human and not God. You are limited by the things that you know.


When Jesus was leaving, He said “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have a love for one another”. There is so much hate in the body of Christ.

A strong feeling of dislike demands a negative action from the possessor. Don’t be fooled, christians hate people too. “Poison isn’t always what you eat, it can be an emotion”. Hate is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.


1. Blinds the eye from seeing good around you


1. Learn to forgive people quickly. Forgive in advance. My counselor said to me “Bring forgiveness with you, when you are coming into marriage. She has earned the right to offend you, and she has a certificate.”

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. [Matthew 18:21-35].

Do you know how many times God forgives you. God’s mercy dealt with your sin past, present and future. When you think about that, there is no human being you can’t forgive.


1. You should find a good time and speak with them. Sometimes what is eating you up with not known to the other person.
2. Take a third party along especially if the person is not cooperating. Bring the person to the elders (Pastor, home cell leader etc.)
3. If at this point the person doesn’t cooperate, treat the person as an unbeliever. Pray for them and love them.

If you feel you need to let go of something right now, please listen to this popular song and pray with it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Zx74T70bs


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